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What Is ChiRunning & ChiWalking & Tai Chi

How Nature Meant You to Move

ChiRunning & ChiWalking takes its guidance from the inner design of T’ai Chi which asks us to move the body in a natural order, where the big muscles do the heavy lifting, the smaller muscles do less and the tiniest muscles do very little.
This runs counter to how most people run which is using the small muscles of their legs for propulsion, neglecting the abundance of power in their core.

Couple Running


The ChiRunning Technique

Running doesn’t need to be difficult, or hard on your body. The problem isn’t running, it’s the way you run.
At the heart of the technique is running with a strong core and a relaxed body which reduces overuse and impact injuries. ChiRunning shows you all the steps to get there.
Take your running to places it’s never been before. With easy-to-learn technique lessons you’ll gain the confidence and know-how to run as often, as far, and potentially as fast as you’d like.

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The ChiWalking Technique

Walk the Way You're Meant to Walk

Tall. Centered. Strong. Energetic.

Walking is the safest and easiest way to get into shape, enjoy the outdoors, and lift and enliven your spirits.

Learn to blend walking with the movement principles of T’ai Chi to create balance and strength, to improve overall health, and to manage stress.

Walking is such a basic, everyday movement, and when you improve the quality of how you walk, you’ll improve the quality of your life.

Tai Chi Simplifed & Level 1

Tai Chi Simplified & Level 1

Tai Chi Practice 

Tai Chi is the practice for ages 5 years and up as it is the development of Qi
( Chee) or Life force within each person to flow more smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. The connection between the inner and outer self is felt through the gentle, precise, energizing movements of breath with movement. 
The one hour of practice will consist of simple Qigong movements for warmup and cool down, followed by the practice of the Tai Chi movements. 
The benefits of Tai Chi: Reduces stress, Improves focus, better sleep, promotes weight loss, helps with balance, improves COPD symptoms, safe for people with heart disease, reduces pain from arthritis and mental health and wellness.  
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Christian Meditaion ( WCCM)

Silent*Still*Simple with Christ. 

MARANATHA ( Come Lord)  

Meditation is a universal spiritual tradition. We find it in all the great wisdoms traditions of the human family. Meditation takes us to the depths of our being, to our true self and to the pure experience of God in the ground of our being. It opens up the common ground that lies at the heart of our shared


The WCCM draws from the wisdom of the Gospel’s teachings and the later tradition. In the light of this wisdom we see that the teaching of Jesus on prayer is a contemplative teaching. In the early monastic tradition we find the practical instructions on how to pray in what Jesus called the “inner room” and “in spirit and truth”. We also find insight and wisdom into the meaning of this experience. 

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