I would say my Chi also known as my natural energy has always been geared towards being a better human, and being the best version of myself.  At 49 years I have still so much more to discover about myself which means I am not yet complete until God calls me home.

I have always lived my life with sincerity, wearing my heart on my sleeve, I am passionate about anything new I take on and as I age, I feel I want to know more, which broadens

my love of learning.

I am a mother of three amazing young adults, Jasmine, Ashton, and Sebastian being married to my soulmate Terry since 1992 in Mumbai, India then shortly after, made Okotoks Canada my home since 1993.  Today I feel very blessed to be in a place that I can say I feel a sense of balance in my life with all that I strive to do, to try and make this world a better place with my strengths in music and fitness.

My journey with Kindermusik began in 2009 when I was certified to teach the highly recognized international music and movement program for children 0 to 7 years. My love for children and my love for music found a home in Kindermusik and for this, I am thankful every day! Please visit my website at I can also be found on Facebook

under Kindermusik With Andrea.

I have always valued living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and as I approached my 40’s I felt I needed to look after my physical fitness. I started my journey into fitness at Curves, a women’s gym here in Okotoks, shortly after I felt the urge to run again as I did years ago when in grade school. I took up running in 2010 and found a great sense of satisfaction in this sport as it not only helped me shed a few pounds but also helped me with my self-confidence. I felt so much in control of my life after a run. It almost felt complete but felt I could use more in terms of improving my posture and so went online to look for ways to doing the same. I discovered Danny Dreyer’s Chi Running and Walking in 2015 on YouTube. ChiRunning and ChiWalking are all about posture and alignment of the body and how fundamental it is for running and walking using the basic principles of Tai Chi.  I was certainly intrigued by this concept and found it very refreshing and a new outlook into running with efficiency while avoiding injuries. After taking some training online through Danny Dreyer’s Chi Running school and being coached by a couple of Chi running coaches here in Calgary and in Vancouver and noticing huge changes in my running for the better, I decided to take up the instructor training course myself to not only be more efficient as a runner but also to educate and help other runners to improve their running form. August 2017 is when I was certified to teach ChiRunning and ChiWalking.

ChiRunning and ChiWalking got me curious to learn Tai Chi and I was very inspired by my Chi running coach Angela James from Vancouver that introduced me to the sequences of the Tai Chi practice.  October 2017 is when I started my Tai Chi practice on a weekly basis and I was progressing through the sequences at a relatively good pace. I felt very present in the practice, it truly is meditation in motion and I could see how beneficial this practice can be for my mental health. Here I was connecting the dots, my Kindermusik program, ChiRunning and ChiWalking practice and coaching, and now the Tai Chi practice.

Christmas of 2017, I received an email from Jane Sponiar my Tai Chi instructor inquiring if I would be interested in teaching Simplified Tai Chi! I was taken aback as I was just starting to learn Tai Chi myself. However, Jane mentioned that she would offer this to me as I was already teaching Chi Running and also being a  Kindermusik Educator and I have the teaching background necessary to teach the Simplified version of Tai Chi and in the last year been teaching the sequence of Tai Chi as well. We follow the Wong Style. I was deeply honored and accepted the challenge with open arms as I was thrilled that my instructor believed in me and my ability.

March 2018 is when I was certified by Jane Sponair to teach Simplified and Summer of 2019 to teach the Wong Style Sequence. 

I feel so blessed to have learned in the last decade of my life. Truly it has been a time of evolving and changing, a process of self-discovery of sorts, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I hope to continue the process of discovering the chi within me as I nurture and help others to discover the chi within them.

♥ Much peace, happiness, and lots of LOVE! ♥